Weekly Update – 7th July 2019

Welcome to my first weekly update post! I’ll be posting these every Sunday to keep myself accountable and honest with my progress or lack of.

What’s been happening?

Grace is in Leap 4 at the moment (check out the Wonder Weeks app if you don’t know what that means) and this major step forward in her development is making her very cranky (although you’d never tell from the smiles above!) and very hungry. Breastfeeding is one of the only things that makes her happy so it’s felt a bit like back to the newborn days of long feeding sessions. She also rolled from tummy to back for the first time which was a cause for celebration.

My cravings have been out of control (see below) and with my son changing his kindy too, stress levels have been high.

The Results

The good news is that I’ve finally broken a 3 week stall and lost 1.2kg this week. Woohoo! It’s so frustrating getting on the scales and just fluctuating a few hundred grams each way, I’m glad I’ve finally broken through it. My weight loss pattern seems to consist of a significant drop followed by fluctuating up and down a bit before I lose anymore. It’s like my body has to stabilise itself. Since I’m breastfeeding though, I’m happy with consistent and steady progress. Here’s my chart for the last month, 2.2kg down.

I suspect the Quest Hero bars that I added to my iHerb order to get free shipping may have caused my stall over the past few weeks. They are absolutely delicious (I will review them) but as soon as I started eating one a day I stopped losing weight. Then I felt unwell with a migraine and couldn’t stomach my normal food and for a couple of days I had TWO in a day. The 10 pack ran out on Thursday and within a few days I’m losing weight again – it could be a co-incidence but probably not. Another thing I’ve noticed from having the Quest Hero bars every day is that my sweet cravings have gone out of control. Prior to them arriving I was really happy fasting until 10am every day and then eating a mainly carnivore diet with lots of eggs and meat. A one or two squares of 85% dark chocolate daily was my sweet(ish) treat and I was quite satisfied. Now I’m really struggling and almost raided the pantry for my sons Tiny Teddies yesterday afternoon. Luckily I had the ingredients in the cupboard to whip up Keto Connect’s latest recipe which sorted me out and kept me on track.

Exercise wise, I missed a workout this week because of my migraine and neck pain that lingered for a few days but I have got 2 Carifit sessions in which I’m pleased about. Once upon a time (and I’m only talking a few months ago) feeling unwell could have derailed me from exercise for good so I’m pleased I got back into it quickly.

Goals for next week…

My goals for the next week are to:

• avoid artificial sweeteners as much as possible to get on top of my cravings

• get my three Carifit workouts in

• survive leap 4

If you have read this far make sure you let me know what your goals are for the next week in the comments section!