My Keto Journey: Part Seven

If you have read this far I salute you! This will be the last stop on my retelling of my story of transforming my health through a ketogenic diet.

So you may remember at the end of part six I had just had my daughter Grace via c-section and started my second breastfeeding journey. After breastfeeding my son for nearly 2 years I was excited to have another little nursling to care for, but anxious about regaining weight again with a long period of recuperation ahead after my surgery.

A few days old in hospital, my sweet little keto baby.

lost 13kg in 2 weeks (thanks breastfeeding) and was down to 74kg and a size 12. The anti-inflammatory nature of the keto diet really helped my healing process and I was driving again within 2 weeks of delivery. I was absolutely starving all the time but as long as I stuck to keto friendly foods I wasn’t gaining weight and I ate all the fatty meat and eggs I could manage to nourish and replenish my system.

My post partum recovery has been so different this time, also baby wearing = sanity!

Fast forward nearly 4 months and Grace’s fat rolls are disproving anybody who says you need carbs to make breastmilk (hint, it’s calories and water/electrolytes). I am currently 71kg and a size 8-12 depending on the cut, so I have lost another 3kg since delivery. I expected to lose more but often women struggle to lose weight after the initial big loss post partum because breastfeeding hormones block the release of stored fat. I’m fine with a slow and steady loss though and I’m staying on track with my way of eating and celebrating the 31kg that I have lost.

What is ahead on my keto journey? Well hopefully another 11kg loss (I am 160cm so this would be a healthy weight for me) which I want you all to keep me accountable for. More importantly though I will continue to nourish my body for optimal health, energy and wellbeing. I have a 3 year old to chase now after all!