My Keto Journey: Part Five

When I left you in part 4 I was newly post partum, a 102kg size 18 unhealthy woman recovering from serious birth injuries. For some reason, I assume related to the psychological trauma from David’s birth, I found myself with absolutely no appetite for months afterwards and so between that and breastfeeding I was able to lose 15kg pretty easily despite my newfound full sugar coca cola habit (it kept me awake during night feeds but was so so bad for me).

After that I coasted, gained and lost the same 5kg over and over again using keto, low calorie diets (shouldn’t I know better by now?) until we decided to have try for our second baby. My husband was concerned about me going through pregnancy again after what happened with my son. He believed that if I was lighter and healthier I wouldn’t struggle as much with the pelvic girdle pain, I insisted (still defensive about my weight) that it was hormonal and I couldn’t do anything about it. Turns out I was wrong, but more on that later.

Fast forward to February 2018. I’d managed to get a few extra kilos off and I was around the same weight as when I fell pregnant with David. Again we fell pregnant first try but sadly I suffered an early miscarriage. I was absolutely devastated and set about eating my feelings in a big way. Before you know it I’m back up to 86kg and feeling absolutely awful again. The next month I didn’t fall pregnant and decided for my mental and physical health that I would take a few months off trying to conceive.

My 35th birthday (March 2018), I was recovering from my miscarriage and feeling very uncomfortable in my own skin.

At Dreamworld at the start of what would be the most productive weight loss of my life.

I wanted an easy way to lose weight and feel better. Since a good friend of mine was selling Herbalife, I thought I would give it a try. I lost around 5kg doing the 2 shakes a day routine which was a fantastic kick start to get me interested in my health and nutrition again. However, I struggled to manage my hunger and I just wanted to eat real food! I started dreaming about fatty meat, cheese and avocados and then it occurred to me…..I conceived David on a low carb diet so maybe this would be good for my fertility again!

Going online I discovered a new name for this diet that I had done on and off over the years – keto or the ketogenic diet. Except now people weren’t treating it as a short term solution to lose weight before reintroducing carbs, but a long term lifestyle. All of a sudden I found amazing educators and supportive online communities, not to mention keto friendly snacks and recipes galore! I went shopping and stocked up on all those delicious foods and I was off!

My name is Vicky and I am a pregnancy test addict

The weight continued to come off slowly but surely and I feel pregnant with my daughter Grace in late June 2019. I was 79kg and really felt amazing, energetic and healthy, especially when I slipped into a pair of size 12 jeans just before conceiving! This time I wanted to stay keto during pregnancy as I wasn’t ready to let go of my newfound lifestyle. I definitely didn’t want to gain back all the weight I’d lost and be back to 102kg again. But would morning sickness and food aversions allow?

One day after I conceived Grace, feeling lighter and happier than I had in years thanks to keto.

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